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Value of Supporting The Escondido Community

Why Sponsor a Chamber Event? No matter what type of business you are in, public relations and community interaction are just as essential as advertising!

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce events are the perfect outlet for your company to gain the publicity and brand recognition that every business needs. Business leaders recognize and appreciate companies that help them gain knowledge and make important contacts. Our Chamber membership represents some of Inland North County’s most important and influential corporate leaders; mid‐level managers; small business owners; entrepreneurs; young professionals; media personalities; educators; political figures and more.

Sponsoring a Chamber event provides a great means of broadening your competitive advantage by improving your company’s reflection, prestige and credibility through supporting events that your community and audience find attractive. Through sponsorships, our Chamber strives to create a partnership that is beneficial to all who are involved. By concentrating on aiding the businesses in the Greater Escondido and surrounding areas in reaching their marketing goals through sponsored events, publications and web presence, the Escondido Chamber promotes the development of businesses in our region.

In addition to enhancing visibility and image, there are many great benefits that coincide with sponsoring Chamber events.

  • Access to New Business Relationships – The face‐to‐face marketing opportunities at Chamber events allow businesses to kindle relationships with an unlimited number of new clients and customers. These events are also a great place to strengthen or renew relations with existing customers or clients.
  • Creates Customer/Community Loyalty – Your sponsorship and support of local community events builds rapport and increases the odds of your customers recommending your business to friends and other members of the community.
  • Advertising – Exposure in print, on our website and on‐site advertising ensure heightened sponsor brand recognition among a targeted audience of business owners, executives and Chamber members.
  • Demonstrates Civic Engagement – Small businesses play an important role in the framework of any community and accept a portion of the responsibility of making sure that the community stays healthy and whole. Your involvement in community events exhibits your concern for the community in which you work and live and has a favorable effect on your business.
  • Publicity – Chamber events are highly publicized and so are their sponsors. Your company’s name is included in print and online advertising and collateral which will earn you public recognition.
  • Association with High Profile Business Events – Companies that desire to be coined “Industry Leaders” welcome the benefits of being associated with important business events and programs. Chamber events are among the top places to gain name recognition with high‐income professionals, executives, managers and other business decision‐makers.
  • Grand Avenue Festival
  • Community In Unity
  • Green Transpo Expo
  • Installation Dinner
  • Chamber Challenge Golf
  • Rising Star Scholarships

If your business is in search of any of the benefits mentioned above, rest assured that the staff of the Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce is here to help you by offering a multitude of opportunities.  For more information and a list of Chamber events, please contact us at or call (760) 745-2125.

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