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Are You Spending Too Much Time Online

Make at least one in-person conversation each day

I don’t know about you but I for one spend way too much time in front of a screen. Period. The pandemic has driven up my screen time exponentially and having just watched the Netflix phenomenon Social Dilemma I am concerned.
I’ve continually written about the effect online shopping has had on local retail and restaurant’s but, it necessitates more than talk, it takes action. And, it should make us a little more than uncomfortable.
The full impact may be several years out as new generations are born with online shopping ingrained and natural. These are our offspring or our children’s offspring who will never experience anything but online as the gatekeeper and source of everything.
The pandemic has accelerated this change and made us all more reliant on our connectivity to the internet. 24/7 connectivity; your phone right by your bed, and with you all the time. “Excuse me I have to take this call” is something we’ve all heard.
Although that might be becoming the new normal, there are options. Stand up and walk down the hall to ask that question instead of an email. Take a few extra minutes to walk down the street to pick up your lunch or dinner rather than having it delivered. And most of all, make an effort to have at least one in-person conversation each day...make it meaningful, make it real, and make it significant...and you just might also make someone's day.
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