Escondido Rising Star – Students of the Month


The mission of the Rising Star of the Month is to bring the community together to honor our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school and community activities and/or the ability to overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The core of the Rising Star of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school, and community with sincerity and passion.

2017-2018 Rising Star of the Year Scholarship Winners

Rising Stars of the Year 
The Escondido Chamber of Commerce awarded twelve $1,000.00 scholarships to the following high school seniors. Congratulations!

Front Row (L-R)  
Elba Morales – Escondido HS
Sarah Reyes Luna – San Pasqual HS
Joseline Sanchez – Del Lago Academy
Karely Amaya Rios, Orange Glen HS
Rusbelia Beltran – Valley HS
Sophia Mittman – Classical Academy
Back Row (L-R)
Jorge Soberanis – Escondido HS
Erik Cisneros Arellano – Orange Glen HS
Reignmarc Lariosa – Del Lago Academy
Elian Gaona – Valley HS
Victor Torres – Escondido Charter HS
Michael Megna – Escondido Charter HS

Rising Star of the Year Application


Congratulations to the April 2018 Rising Star Students of the Month

Kaila Greenberg-San Pasqual HS, Erik Cisneros-Orange Glen HS, Sydney Kornelsen-Escondido Charter HS,

Michelle Gutierrez-Del Lago Academy, Elba Morales-Escondido HS, Elian Gaona-Valley HS. Not pictured: Carl Seelhoff-Classical Acadamy.


Congratulations to the March 2018 Rising Star Students of the Month

Cloe Oyanguren-Classical Academy, Brian Aguirre-Valley HS, Alberto Felix-Orange Glen HS, Jorge Soberanis-Escondido HS,

Michael Alcazar-Del Lago Academy, Luigi Biundi-San Pasqual HS,  Marisol Suarez-Popoca- Escondido Charter HS.


Congratulations to the February 2018 Rising Star Students of the Month

Del Lago Academy – Zurisadai Munoz, San Pasqual HS – Hannah Chua, Classical Academy – Brian Taylor, Escondido HS – Carolina Flores,

Orange Glen HS – Gabriel Brown and Escondido Charter HS – Michael Seo.


Congratulations to the November 15, 2017 Rising Star Students of the Month.

 Escondido Charter HS – Sydney Stevenson, San Pasqual HS – Sara Reyes Luna, Classical Academy – Sophia Mittman,  Del Lago Academy –

Reignmarc Lariosa,  Escondido HS – Guadalupe Paniagua Velasco, Valley HS – Rusbelia Beltran, Orange Glen HS – Estefany Fabian Sanchez


Congratulations to the October 11, 2017 Rising Star Students of the Month.

Deysi Chavez Pineda, Escondido HS –  Daryl Goh, Classical Academy – Victor Torres, Escondido Charter HS – Xochitl Sanders Ramirez,

San Pasqual HS – Karely Amaya Rios, Orange Glen HS – Jaime Fuentes, Valley HS – Anaylei Cazares Trinidad – Del Lago Academy