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Escondido Chamber of Commerce Partners With City of Escondido On Program To Support Local Restaurants

Long standing allies, the Escondido Chamber of Commerce and the City of Escondido have come together once again and devised a plan to help and support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. With nearly every business sector being affected by the pandemic, it is crucial that cities and
communities come together to solve the immediate needs. One of the most impacted business categories is the food and beverage industry, and that’s where the Chamber and City are starting.

“Escondido Eats” will be a program that is devised to support as many local businesses within the food and beverage industry as possible. From coffee shops, pizza parlors, breakfast kitchens, breweries, wineries, and more. The plan is a basic calendar system where each day participating businesses will be listed as to what special they are providing, such as “free coffee for healthcare professionals” or “buy a slice of pizza get one free” or “taco Tuesdays” and so on.

The program starts on Friday, May 1st and will give Escondido residents an opportunity to support dozens of local restaurants that not only desperately need the help right now, but the businesses that the people of Escondido are wanting more than ever to frequent once again. “The restaurant industry here in Escondido has been immensely impacted, and we are proud to have collaborated with our City to help drive business to our local eateries,” said Chamber CEO James Rowten.

The list of participating restaurants will be updated on a regular basis. To view the list or add a restaurant to the list, please visit the Escondido Chamber of Commerce website at or call 760-745-2125.

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Participating Restaurants: