Government Affairs Committee

What is the Escondido Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee?

The GAC, as we call it, is a very valuable Escondido Chamber member benefit.

We hold monthly meetings and present informative, current, relevant topics that impact and affect businesses and citizens of Escondido and the surrounding areas.

Our meetings typically include presentations by members of the Escondido City Council including the Mayor, CA Senate and Assembly members, U.S. Congressional members, other City, and State representatives as well as business owners, developers and other entities interested in doing business in our region.

Topics have included a minor league ballpark for the Padres, funding a new library, management of the library, the state of City’s finances, pension obligations, attracting a developer for the old Palomar Hospital and other important topics from monthly City Council meetings, legislation affecting water usage and costs and many other critical issues that affect our local businesses.

The GAC provides a platform for local Advocacy.  The voice of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce is well respected and has real power.  From our monthly meetings, we routinely support or oppose various State and Local bills that we feel will either help or hurt the businesses and residents of Escondido.

Elected officials need to hear our voice in order to guide their decisions. Our recommendations of support or opposition in conjunction with other Chambers of Commerce and Advocacy groups do an excellent job of holding our elected officials accountable.

The GAC is a vital and important part of the Chamber of Commerce.  The best way to make the most of your Chamber membership is to be involved.  Please consider joining the Chamber and making your voice count by being a member of the GAC.

Christine Antoine
San Diego County Water District

Chair- Government Affairs Committee

Past Government Affairs Committee Meetings