Government Affairs Committee CHARTER

The mission of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee is to
supplement the work of Chamber staff in monitoring and influencing governmental decisions
on behalf of the interests of members of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce.

 Monitor the activities of local and regional governmental bodies and identify issues
that might affect Chamber members.
 Research and analyze policy issues that affect member businesses and advocate for
policies that foster a sound business climate for Escondido area concerns.
 Review issues and develop Chamber positions for consideration by the Board of
 Identify and monitor proposed legislation.
 Provide a voice for Chamber members before the city council and various city boards
and commissions.
 Encourage Chamber members to contact legislators and other appropriate officials to
promote the Chamber’s pro-business positions.
 Continuously foster working relationships with legislators, administrators, and their
staffs through invitations to appropriate Chamber functions and regular meetings
with officials.
 Communicate the Chamber’s position on key business issues to the membership and
general public.
 Educate and involve Chamber members in governmental activities and policy that
affects the business community.
 Conduct meetings to provide updates on current issues affecting the business
 Host guest speakers and regular discussions with elected and appointed officials.
 Assist in the coordination and conduct of candidate and elected incumbent.